Fur Appraisals

By Gartenhaus

What if something were to happen to your fur?

Your Fur Coat Is Valuable

Your fur is more than a coat or jacket. It holds a special meaning. Maybe the coat was given to you by a family member. Maybe it was your first big fashion purchase. No matter what the case, your fur is valuable.

Along with proper maintenance, one of the best ways to protect your fur is to have it appraised. Gartenhaus Furs is proud to provide expert fur appraisals for insurance, resale, or estate planning purposes.  As one of the best fur dealers in the region for storage, cleaning, and restyling, we are a natural choice for fur appraisals too.

We understand your fur is one of your prized possessions. This is why it is important to have it appraised for your insurance company in case the unexpected happens. While your coat has an irreplaceable sentimental value, don’t leave it completely unprotected by not adding it to your insurance policy. Having a written appraisal will help you if you ever have to prove the worth of your coat to your insurance company. Otherwise, your insurance company may not adequately reimburse you.

If your coat does not fit your personal style, you may consider selling it online or putting it on consignment. A written appraisal will verify your coat’s value and add credibility to you as a seller. Some organizations also accept furs as a tax deductible donation. If you do donate, keep their tax information and our appraisal for tax time.

Are you planning your estate? Don’t forget about your furs! Fur is valuable because it is a classic fashion item that always makes a powerful statement. If you plan on passing on your furs, include an appraisal for the recipients records.

The Furs by Gartenhaus Difference

Gartenhaus Furs also provides a Fur Guardian Package. This package insures your fur at full value if it is ever lost, damaged, or destroyed as a result of theft, burglary, flood, or fire.

Coverage includes repair of accidental burns and tears, as well as repair or replacement of lining and/or fur because of spills and stains. Should a replacement be necessary, we can assist you in selecting a new garment and file the required documentation.

Usually within 28 days you will be able to take home a brand new fur without paying a deductible.

You won’t find protection like this in ordinary homeowner’s, renter’s insurance policies, or from any other Washington or Virginia fur dealers: full replacement coverage is an exclusive to the Fur Guardian Package.  Ask about our unique fur protection plan during your appraisal.

Protect Your Fur Today and Tomorrow

You may not have thought about fur appraisals until now. Think of your fur as both an article of clothing and valuable item like you would an expensive ring or watch. Knowing the value of your fur can give you peace of mind for a number of different situations. Whether you are preparing for the unexpected, planning to sell or donate your coat, or want to be ready for the future, having a written fur appraisal will help in all these situations.

Furs by Gartenhaus has the experience and knowledge to provide a reputable appraisal that will serve you for years. Call us today at (301) 656-2800 to schedule your appointment.

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