Fur Cleaning

By Gartenhaus

When finding a professional fur cleaner, do not risk taking your fur to a regular dry cleaner.

You love your fur. Your fur keeps you delightfully warm during the cold and helps you stand out during doldrums of winter. You can make sure you fur gives you years of warmth and comfort by having your coat or jacket professionally cleaned.

In addition to repair and storage, professional cleaning is an important step in maintaining your fur.

The Furs by Gartenhaus team includes expert furriers, designers, and technicians to provide the highest level of cleaning. Not only do we clean all types of furs including mink, sable, chinchilla, and fox, we provide services for other fine fabrics. Bring your fur-lined items, leather, or shearling to our store for professional cleaning and care.

Our process will both clean and protect your garments.

Why Fur Cleaning is Important

Professional cleaning is essential for your fur’s health. When you touch your fur, you should feel a soft, sleek texture. This shows your coat’s pelts are healthy, but everyday use of your coat exposes it small, damaging particles. These particles, like dust, dirt, or salt, strip away your fur’s natural oils. These natural oils are the key to fur’s extraordinary softness. With the right balance of natural oils, your furs will last for years. Fur cleaning, conditioning, and glazing removes existing particles from your furs while adding a protective layer that keeps your coat safe throughout the entire year.

The best time to have your fur coat cleaned is during the end of the winter season. This is when your coat gets the most use and will have picked up the most dust, dirt, and grime. Also consider professional cold storage right after cleaning.

Furs by Gartenhaus – Experienced Fur Cleaning

Your fur is valuable so make sure you entrust your fur coat or jacket to the right furrier. Some fur salons ship your furs to an entirely different location for cleaning. Other fur shops only sell fur, but can’t provide valuable post-sale services.

Furs by Gartenhaus is the premier choice for new fur purchases and all necessary services from repair to cleaning.

The process of cleaning and conditioning fur is not like the cleaning process for any ordinary material. Fur experts advise only taking your fur to expert furriers with the right training and equipment. Your everyday drycleaner is a suitable choice for slacks or dresses, but fur is a unique material. Regular dry cleaning products can dry out, stain, or otherwise damage your fur. In addition, normal dry cleaning equipment can rip and tear your coat.

If you do take your fur coat or jacket to a dry cleaner and damage occurs, you may be left with a severely damaged coat with no way to recoup your losses.

Furs by Gartenhaus only uses the highest quality industry cleaners and technology to clean your coat. We also condition and glaze your coat so it comes out looking like the day it was purchased.

Bring in your furs, leathers, or other fine garments to Furs by Gartenhaus for a free inspection and to schedule your expert cleaning.

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