Fur Repair

By Gartenhaus

Our team of master furriers will inspect your fur or leather piece.

Your Furs, Our Pride

For many women and men, a fur coat represents the highest standard of elegance. It can also represent a significant investment worthy of being worn with pride. But what if something happens to it?

Fur damage can happen from normal wear to a more extensive accident. For example, you can stretch the fur when you sit down or stand up, so keep in mind to lift or remove your coat completely while sitting. The hairs on the fur can become bare or bald if you use a shoulder bag, so use a handbag when wearing your coat instead.

More significant damage can come from improper storage. Moths and beetles love fur just as much as you do, but they can inflict serious damage by destroying the coat. The natural oils in your furs can lead to the fur pelt drying out, resulting in shedding.

If your coat is already damaged, you may be wondering what recourse is left for restoration.

With over 200 years in the industry, Furs by Gartenhaus is the smart solution for any type of fur repair. Fur is our own pride and joy—that means we will treat your coat or garment with the highest level of respect and care.

Our team of experts is here to answer any questions and walk you through our comprehensive fur repair process. 

Expert Fur Repair for Maryland

The Furs by Gartenhaus difference is our team of master furriers. Becoming a master furrier requires years of intense training under fur industry leaders. Mastery of fur is a rare talent, and we are excited to have such skill behind our fur team.

When you bring your fur in, we will begin our consultation with you. We will ask you questions about the history of your fur garment as we complete our thorough examination. First, our team inspects the condition of the fur itself. We give special attention to vulnerable areas including the seams of the shoulders, front closures, and pockets. The lining of the coat can receive minor damage around the neck and sleeves.

Small rips and tears in these areas are the most common type of repairs. But don’t worry if your coat has more substantial damage. We have extensive experience in major fur repairs such as replacing the entire silk lining or entire pelts. If we do need to replace a part of your coat, we will carefully locate a perfect match for your design.

When we make fur repairs, we open the lining to make the repairs from the inside. These types of repairs last longer and will not be visible from the outside of the coat.

Do you have a fur-lined coat, shearlings, or even leather? Furs by Gartenhaus repairs these fabrics as well!

Preserving Your Fur’s Legacy

It is important to periodically examine your fur for any imperfections. If you find a small rip, you may not think too much of it, but bring it in to our team. A minor tear can lead to a more expensive section replacement. We can also do a minor tuck to remove wear from cuffs, pockets, and hemlines.

Regular maintenance is essential to protecting your coat’s legacy. Our fur repair specialists are capable of maintaining your fur’s beauty throughout its life cycle. Spring is a perfect time for fur inspections and repair. During the winter, your coat could have become damaged, and it’s best to fix these problems before you store your coat in the summer.

Our experts will are happy to inspect your furs and give you a free repair estimate. Call us today (301) 656-2800 or visit our store on 7101 Wisconsin Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814. We’ll restore your coat to its true brilliance.

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