Fur Restyle

By Gartenhaus

The Fur and Leather Centre can transform your old fur and bring it back to life.

A fur restyle can transform something old into something new and beautiful. One of the best qualities of fur is its versatility. You might have an old fur from a few years ago that has been properly maintained, but the style is out dated.

Instead of buying a completely new fur coat, try a restyle. Don’t think your fur can be transformed? Think again. Furs by Gartenhaus can remodel your coat to dazzle and amaze everyone.

Fur is an extremely versatile and sustainable material. It can be reused and transformed into completely different forms and styles. Try doing that with a cloth coat.

Bring your old furs to our boutique. It doesn’t matter if it has been sitting in your closet for years or you inherited it from a great-great-aunt, we can make it like new again.

We take extreme pride in our fur services. With over 200 years of combined experience, our team of professional furriers and designers give your fur the highest level of care. We know many old coats can be made into sheared jackets or added as fur trim to your favorite leather jacket.

If you have inherited a fur coat or found it at a vintage shop, it may not fit you perfectly. Furs by Gartenhaus can tailor your coat to flatter your body. Many older coats are bulky and can overwhelm your shape; we can take in the coat or even shorten the hem. We can also tailor your coat if it is too tight, we can add fur panels so the coat better suites your body. We only buy fur from the highest quality sources so it perfectly matches your current pelts.

Maybe your fur coat needs only minor adjustments. Our highly trained staff can handle any alteration, no matter how big or small. Minor fixes include replacing the buttons, hooks, or repairing the interior lining. We can also alter the collar and sleeves for a modern look.

If your fur needs a complete restyle, our designers will consult with you on your personal taste and style. We will ask you about how you want to wear your furs. Some of our clients reserve their furs for special occasions like galas or the symphony, but many of our clients want to wear their fur for more causal events. “Everyday” furs are being seen everywhere from the grocery store to the doctor’s office.

For special occasions, we will modernize your fur while staying true to its classic essence. Special attention will be paid for the shape and silhouette. If you want to wear your fur causally, we can shorten the hemline to make it less formal and turn it into a fur jacket or stroller. Dyed furs are also a big trend in the fashion world. Our team can incorporate new hues to your old coat.

Furs by Gartenhaus is a premier fur designer with extensive knowledge into current trends. When you bring in your old fur garment to us, you will receive a personal consultation to discuss your restyle options making sure it perfectly matches your personal style and needs. With fur restyling, you can enjoy a wonderfully new piece at a fraction of the price of buying a new fur.

Our master furriers have worked with women and men to bring their fashion vision to life. Contact us today to schedule your fur restyle appointment.

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